Monday, April 21, 2014

Making Decisions & God's Sovereignty

I found this quote about making decisions and understanding God's will. I have done some studying in this area with regard to the idea that there are two wills of God, called different things by different folks. I have mostly understood it as God's Moral will versus His Sovereign will. In regard to living our lives trying to be "in the will of God", we are given guidelines in His moral, but we are not given an indication, beforehand, of His Sovereign will. DB

"We should not be concerned with the sovereign will of God when we face a decision (except that we need to be ready to accept whatever the Lord has planned)

The guidance we need for our choices does not have to be somehow mined from the mysterious and unknowable plan devised among the Holy Trinity in eternity past. Rather it is a relatively simple process of finding out what the Bible says and doing it." Dave Swavley

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