Friday, April 04, 2014

The culture around us is dying: Supplemental

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Over the past few years, different states’ highway agencies have, according to apparent federal guidelines, been introducing changes to road signs with the aim of making them easier to read or understand (and with the cost of your tax dollars).  So, are these new road signs absolutely easier to read or understand?  Nope.  For instance, the Clearview font with its combination of majuscule and miniscule letters simply is not easier to read than road signs that use only capital letters; for there is a difference between all-caps in a road sign and all-caps in an indemnity section of a service agreement that you read on a computer screen.  This is yet another example of what the movers and shakers of our society do today: they possess a horrible tendency to make changes that are nothing less than wasteful, counterproductive and foolish.

Tomorrow’s movers and shakers are today’s  high school students.  I understand that teenagers are not as wise, smart, and sophisticated as they think they are; I understand that better than most since I was an introspective, observant semi-contrarian even in junior high.  Still, the actions of the first group of students in the following news item are ridiculous by any standard; hat tip to a certain trucker: Furor at Catholic high school after nun presents Church teaching on homosexuality |

The silver lining of this cloud is the separation of the tares from the wheat, as it were.

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