Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday Random Thoughts

1) If someone is sick, it seems ok to call them sick. It is not a lack of faith to say so. God does not somehow punish the person because we "claimed" they were sick. Neither does He turn a deaf ear to those requesting healing. Sometimes the answer is no, but He still hears.

2) Not all discriminating is bad- in or out of the church. We can have discriminating taste when we evaluate between Bach and our child's piano playing. Both may hold a type of value, but it seems ok to say Bach was a better piano player.

3) We discriminate when we don't let 10 year olds drive, when we cross the street, choose whether to eat the old food in the fridge; when we determine if our behavior is sin or not, good or bad...

4) The pastor was speaking about distraction on Sunday. I missed 5 minutes of the sermon thinking about other stuff. Oops.

5) I am thankful for all my wife does around the house for our family.

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