Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Wednesday- Random Thoughts

I have been trying to be more consistent with the blog, so here goes.

1) I have a hard time following through with things. Sometimes. I don't always know why I lose my motivation. Being tired of it is one reason.

2) The girls are better. My wife and I got a little bit of it. Not as bad as the girls, thankfully. We don't have time for that. :-)

3) My wife made some delicious vegetable soup...words never uttered from me before...delicious vegetable.

4) Speaking of delicious vegetables, my wife makes this broccoli 'thing'. It is basically cut up pieces of broccoli with garlic and olive oil baked for a while. I could eat a whole head of it, but she never lets me. Ever.

5) I am glad to be excited about my career again. It had been a while since the excitement was not forced. I love doing what I am doing. Teaching is fun.

6) Took part in a Twitter chat today #dojochat It was a new experience. I like learning from other teachers, even ones I don't know.

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