Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Origin of Intelligent Design

This was posted a few weeks ago on www.str.org and I thought it was a good article dealing with ID. The Discovery Institue also has many good articles on the "evolution/creation" debate. It is definately more than just saying God created the world in six days. They do a decent job, from what I can tell, of examining the scientific data and seeing how it does not go against a biblical worldview. The articles are a little intimidating at times, but there are a few that are written for laymen folks like me. :-)

09/29/2005: "Understanding Intelligent Design" - Melinda Penner
An aptly-timed article related to my comments in the earlier post today that both sides of the evolution debate better understand the other side, The Discovery Institute has a new article describing the origin of Intelligent Design theory. Most news articles that report on the debate characterize I.D. as gussied up old-fashioned creationism, Bible-thumping, and mere religion rather than a bona fide scientific theory. Jonathan Witt provides some education for those interested in understanding what the debate is really about.

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