Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Chopping the Trees

Well, for those of you that know me, and have been to my house, my wife and I finally got rid of the huge Tamerisk trees that were on the side of the yard, and one was in the back. Plus we got rid of one of the leaning pine trees in the front. This was all brought about by getting the code enforced clean-up note in the mail. Gotta love it. We wanted to do it before, but this notice was a good excuse for getting it done. Anyway, much nicer to look at our house. It almost looks vacant.

A cheap and cheesy spiritual connection: Sometimes in our lives we have unsightly blemishes (spiritually speaking). It could be something as serious as doing drugs, sex outside of marriage, or it could be that we smoke, drink or chew or go with girls who do, or cuss too much. These things may not seem to be too much of a problem (particularly as compared to others around us), but they can be blocking our growth.

God will sometimes help us clean these up with no outside help, and sometimes we need (ok, maybe just me) someone outside ourselves to point out something that needs to be fixed, that we may not have considered too much of a problem. Anyway, sometimes criticism can be a good thing, even if at first it seems negative.


Anonymous said...

I am disappointed by the performance of this blog machine and its summary dismissal of my attempts at using standard HTML tags and arguments. I would run away in disgust and listen to the Velocity Girl "Copacetic" album now if I could easily do so. But anyway....

Keep posting stuff Derrick. Everyone loves a good, interesting blog to read, sorta.

happycamper said...

I completely agree with you. However, I think it would be good to add that this does not give us the right to run around "helping" others by telling them what we think is wrong with their lives. Because I would sure love to do that sometimes to people in my life. Rather, we need to learn how to constructively criticize with love. We need to do it for the good of the other person, and not for our own selfish desires to point out their flaws. I am guilty of this myself.