Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Paddling in the Kiddie Pool

This was a pretty funny video.

Newsbabe BUSTED
By Best Week Ever

"In a deliciously ironic twist of fate, shortly before airing a segment aimed at embarrassing the Bush administration by suggesting that it had staged a video conversation between the president and soldiers in Iraq, the Today show was caught staging . . . a video stunt...Just as the segment came on the air, two men waded in front of Kosinki . . . and the water barely covered their shoe tops! That's right, Kosinski's canoe was in no more than four to six inches of water!"
I saw this when it originally aired and just had to find it online and post it. I love it when the media gets busted playing the game it spends so much time criticizing.

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happycamper said...

This was just way too funny. The timing was just perfect when those guys walked in front of the camera like that.