Friday, November 11, 2005

Evolution Pt. 1 Kansas

Recently a school board in Kansas voted 6-4 to approve a new science standard that would include teaching the Intelligent Design (ID) theory as a possible alternative to evolution.

This seems to be a step in the right direction IF it is taught well. ID is not a specifically Christian idea and most proponents want there to be more scientific evidence given in the classroom showing that there are flaws in the Evolutionary model for life. Michael Denton, a few years ago, wrote a book Evolution: A Theory in Crisis where he outlines on a scientific level some of the problem with evolution.

So there is not a seeming conflict of interest, I would like to point out that while Denton criticized Evolutionary theory, he was not a Christian (and actually refers at the end of the book to the "myth" of Genesis and the Creation story.

Some have also shown how a Hindu priest was supporting the ID theory. Those not familiar with Hinduism; it is in no way compatible with the Christian idea of God. Not all religions teach the same thing, but different religious belief does not leave out the possibility of a Designer of the universe versus Common Decent.



Anonymous said...

I want to recommend an awesome website: - it's a former high school science teacher that goes around debating evolutionists - and winning. He has a wealth of information on how the flood works as evidence for creative design, as well as evidence that dinosaurs existed with humans.


Derrick Bright said...

He does have some interesting info on his site; I have checked it out in the past. The one thing I can agree with him on is that God created the world. What I am less convinced of is the absolute-ness he has for the young earth creation position. He does not even allow for any other possibility.

Now, some of the evidence he gives can seem convincing, but, to me, some of the evidences used to support an old earth is convincing as well. I do not agree with him that to be a good Christian you HAVE to be young earth in your view.

I also disagree that to believe the earth could be millions of years old means you are an evolutionist. It concerns me that he is so adament about this even though there are plenty of Bible-believing, God loving Christians on either side of this issue.

I think the age of the earth is an "in-house" discussion, that is Christians can discuss this back and forth. I think it is better to be unified while speaking to the world that "God created" the world.

I am more concerned if a non-believer understands that He is the creator than if they believe in the "right age" for the earth.

I hate to end this so abruptly, but I need to run. Bruce, I'd love to continue this thread. Give me your thoughts/comments/heated discussion. :-) I love you bro. It is good to hear from you.