Friday, November 11, 2005

Happy Veterans Day

For those of you that may not be sure or have forgotten or whatever, today is Veterans Day. If you know of any Veterans, make sure you thank them for their service to this country and your freedoms that we, ok maybe just me, take for granted sometimes.

Also, for me today is kind of a special day. Today is the one month anniversay of starting this blog. So, I will post a few fun stats (mostly for me) as well as a post a little later to several evolution-type articles. Anyone that knows me knows that is one of the topics I find especially interesting.

Silly Stats for Bright's Ideas:

1 month

285 visits to the site.
Average: 9 people/day

# of visits from myself, my wife, or my mom: priceless
Ok, I'm not gonna say because I'm excited that people have come and some come back. Hopefully, every once in a while, when you think about it, you do too. Though I understand if you don't-people are busy. Remember, I don't go to school or have a job (at least not a full time one ;-)

Till next time,

Thanks for those that have humored me and checked it out. May God richly bless all your lives.



jaxmudder said...

Yes ...I do have several immediate family members to thank on this fine hugs and my sincerest of thanks for doing what it takes to preserve my liberties and protect my freedoms. Yes, Derrick, we too often do take for granted the simplest of liberties that so many throughout the world do not enjoy...and we need to take the opportunity to express our gratitudes to those who served, and continue to serve, to enable us to live a free life of choice and personal freedom. But what I would like to remind any who read this doesn't take a national holiday to remind us that EVERY day we need to thank those who fight to conserve all we truly hold dear as Americans. Love to you, my friend.

Derrick Bright said...

Thank you for adding that-We do not need a holiday to be thankful and supportive of those who have fought and are fighting for our freedoms.