Sunday, November 27, 2005

Laugh a Little

"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." E.E. Cummings

The other day, I had the opportunity to go out to Marie Callenders for lunch with some relatives. Let me just say, WOW. I had heard that these relatives were a little wacky at the occational restaurant get-togethers. The only thing I had seen before this was the snapping of fingers to get the waiters attention and complaining about the food several times.

OK, these can be the type that you want to tell the food preparation workers that you are not with them so they don't spit in your food too. Of course, the semi-joke is that if you cross these folks at any time, you are out of the will. If laughing at some of the things they said (without their knowledge most times), or did warrants being kicked out of the will, I'm way out of it.

The way I figure it though is that I have all I need now; if I get some more because someone I care about dies, ok. If not, ok. Money from the dead is not something I clamor about to get. I don't kiss up any more or less if the person has a lot of money. It is just the way I am. Now, I know I am treading on "holy ground" when I talk in public about things we're supposed to not talk about though everyone does; but they don't read this, so I'm probably safe.

Now I understand this seems very callous of me, but these folks have never done me wrong. I only hear most of the stories. Other than these ideosyncrasies, they seem to be good people in the general sense.

Anyway, some of the gems that were spoken or done:

  • Loading up a plate with "free muffins" from the salad bar. (most restarants frown on taking more than you are going to eat)
  • Bonus: Placing them in front of a consequently embarrassed father-in-law. (The waitress was giving father-in-law the "sad-uncomfortable-ya-aren't-supposed-to-put-me-in-this-position" face)
  • Extra bonus: Asking the waitress for a box to put muffins in.
  • Cherry on top: When waitress responds that they can't give him a box ('cause you're not supposed to take any home), telling her "well, then give me a bag."
  • When crying toddler shows up at the end of the meal and cries fairly loudly, wondering aloud and nearly as loudly if the child could cry any louder.
  • After several instances of crying, another saying nearly as loudly how if we had just been starting our meal, we would have asked for another table.

We should all laugh a little more. I sure had my fill of food and laughter this Thanksgiving. Here's to being nice to those serving our food and strange relatives (If you don't have any, start a tradition-Be the One people talk about). Cheers!!



Mom said...

That was pretty darn funny! I'm sure somewhat embarrassing to some of the family that was there. And yes i to know of strange relatives.I had a similar dinner situation of a very load complaining relative to the new waiter. I knew that he was new cause he used to work at subway and i had just seen him the day before, so of course he recognized me, (at the time i was a regular at subway) I can't even remember the problem, but on the way out of the resturant they were still loudly complaining. It was so lame. And not to mention at your teenage sons birthday gathering his grandparents procede to tell of another family members perversion. Wow, weird. Bet you can't guess who this is Derrick. People are very interesting. I hope i'm not that odd?

Derrick Bright said...

No, you are not that odd, yet. :-) I think we can all be odd in our own special way. I'm sure there are plenty of things I do that are embarassing or odd to Tracy.

But I also know that I control myself pretty well sometimes, particularly around folks where the image is more important than content. Or just around folks I am not comfortable around. It takes a few times to feel safe enough to "let my hair down" as it were.

If I feel like I may be rejected for who I am, I am less likely to let that person know who I am. Thanks for posting, mom.