Saturday, November 26, 2005

Wait Your Turn

Indiana Court Upholds Abortion Waiting Period.

The Indiana Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld a law that requires women seeking an abortion to get counseling about medical risks and alternatives, and to wait at least 18 hours after the session before going through with the procedure.

This seems to be a good thing. When you buy your house, you have to wait at least 30 days to make sure everything checks out. Any kind of non-life-threatening surgery; usually you have to come back later.

Why not wait 18 hours to have an abortion to check out alternatives? Well, the Indiana Civil Liberties Union suggests that it is a hardship for someone in another county to have to come back (and make the trip-probably 'cause gas prices are son high) before they kill their unborn child.

"We're disappointed," said Fran Quigley, executive director of Indiana Civil Liberties Union. He said the law poses a financial burden for some women because it forces them to make two trips to a clinic that in many cases is not in their home county.

I made two trips to Best Buy because they had a phone that included the possibility for a free $50 gift card. The least a would-be mother could do is make two trips to think about killing the unborn human inside their body before doing so.

Note: if you have already had an abortion and understand the gravity of what has happened, I do not mean to make you feel worse, but this is a serious issue-If you have had one, there is forgiveness and healing through Jesus Christ, just as much as if you had broken any other of God's law. Folks, while defending the rights of the unborn to live, let us not neglect to be sensitive to those who have experienced this terrible thing.

Also, let us not hesitate to speak the truth in fear of hurting someone's feelings versus saving a life.


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