Monday, December 05, 2005

500 Visitors!! Sweet!

I have had 500 visitors!! Woo hoo. OK, so it does not take much to amuse me. And if I compare myself to others who started around the same time as me...Some like Shawn and Dave, who have 3 times as self esteem goes down.

However, if I compare this months visitors to last months, I have less than last month and my self esteem goes down.

If I look at how much time I have put into this wife wonders who I am as I stumble into the living room...then my self esteem goes down.

If I compare myself to where I was a few months ago...I had no blog, no job, and no self esteem. This month I have a blog...Sweet!!

If I remember that my worth and value as a person has absolutely nothing to do with what I do, but rather in the fact that God created me and for that reason I have value, I don't have to worry about any of my own self-esteem (don't care for the word anyway).

That is some sweet news.



delete said...

Congratz, Derrick, on hitting 500! (Or, should I say, having 500 hit you!) We’ll see if we can help you out with your readership in our own meager way (we added a link to your blog on ours).

Keep up the good work!


Derrick Bright said...

Thanks Shawn, and I've linked yours to mine.


Anonymous said...

Nice picture!