Sunday, December 04, 2005

Getting Tired

I've been a little under the weather...again and/or still. I have had a sore throat that will not let go. It faded a little, but it is back. It does not help that my nose decides to clog about 5 minutes after I want to sleep and therefore I end up sleeping with my mouth hanging open otherwise I will die because I can't breathe.

Then I end up keeping my wife up cause I breathe all loud in her ear and she tells me to turn the other way, but my left side is paralyzed from laying on it all night, so I kindly shove her (I mean encourage her) the other direction so I can regain my feeling in my left leg.

Shortly later, she "encourages" me to turn back around 'cause I have resumed my heavy breathing in her ear (also in her face) with my rosy fresh breath. Thankfully, she just shoves me over instead of telling me to go out and sleep on the couch.

But she loves me and signed on for better or worse, so she's not going anywhere...thankfully. All that said, my wife is the most wonderful person I know. I cannot imagine how I am so lucky to have found someone this side of heaven so willing to love me in spite of all that. Marriage can be about compromising. I must be willing to compromise and do what I can to make her life better. And she compromises by not jabbing me in the ribs when I breathe some funky breath on her in the night (even if she wanted to). :-)

Going to brush my teeth,

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Tracy Bright said...

You are too cute. I just don't know what I'm gonna do with you. :-)