Thursday, December 15, 2005

Highly Defective People Pt. 4

Alright guys and gals, this is the last installment for your Habits for Highly Defective people.

16. Don’t be ballsy, unfailing, lively, daring or over-the-top.

Take no risks and you can't fail. Of course, the scared, cynical, paranoid person says to be careful with some risks. Like the base jumper who jumped off the side of a cliff in Yosemite a few years and had too much rope for his bungee jump. Take risks, but don't be dumm.

17. Courage will make you overcome danger, misfortune, fear and injustice, so forget that crap!

18. Do not stay on task. That would cause you’ll get dusty, sweaty and bloody, and that is a prerequisite for true success.

I don't like pain, so I'm ok with not being bloody, and my wife doesn't like me sweaty, and I'm allergic to dust. Who said you can't use loved ones as excuses for your defective behavior. :-) Yeah, 'cause my beautiful wife would really let me get away with this thinking for long.

19. Always be cautious and careful. That’ll keep you from ever trying anything requiring perseverance.

Hey, I'm a little offended by this personal attack. OK, just remember, don't be dumm.

20. Finally, Never mind that Winston Churchill said that if you’re going through hell, keep going. What BS! What does he know? He’s never been on MTV!

What does that mean? Anway, I hope this helps you as it has helped many Jerry Springer fans and Survival Insurance folks, and personal injury lawyers and any other folks that revel in their mediocrity (sorry, to anyone who has Survival insurance who is not defective- oh, yeah to lawyers as well....and anyone else I offended, I'm truly, that's not true; I'm only partly sorry and the rest of me says to get over it...ok, I'm sorry it that seemed rude, it was a joke, kind of.

To Be or not 2 B (defective): That is your choice.


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