Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Highly Defective People Pt. 3

Here's part three of the Habits of Highly Defective folks...How do you rate?

11. Accept mediocrity instead of demanding excellence.

I remember reading a sign one time that said, "To seek perfection is nobel; To seek perfection is neurotic." Just realize there is a difference. But if you want to avoid all that nasty confusion, settle for mediocrity. It's probably easier that way.

12. Do not concentrate all your energies of body, mind and soul in one direction; that would make you invincible.

I don't have any problem focusing...OK, so I do. But when I do focus I think I can do pretty well. Just need to stay off the rabbit trails. It's not that I have a short attention span, but rather I focus on all kinds of things around me.

13. When your will is crossed and your desires are disappointed, let that erode your faith, drown you in doubt and sideline you forever.

Harry Wong once said that because so many people settle for mediocrity, it does not take much extra effort to achieve excellence. Everyone else's bars are so low.

14. If you are going to attempt something, only do so half-heartedly.

Hey, a bonus with this is that if you mess something up, people are less likely to ask you to do it again for them..."hey, Derrick do you think you could...oh wait, never mind; I'll do it." This is the same principle behind wives sending us husbands with a shopping list and strict instructions to not deviate. Like Ray Romano once joked about his trip to the store, "Hey, honey, they were all out of mayonase, so I got a...hammer."

15. Avoid starting anything new. If you must start something, for God’s sake, do not stick with it, because that is a requirement for success.

That's right you should always fin...

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