Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Project Runway

OK, some of you may know that a few years ago, I was in a college singing group at Victor Valley College; it was called College Singers. It was pretty high level singing (then me). We got to go one year to Vancouver, BC, to sing with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Pretty cool beans.

Anyway, a friend, John, on the Singers was into sewing and actually often wore clothes that he made to class. I thought the clothes were always a little odd (but then I shopped at WalMart or Mervyns-I had no clue about the fashion world-nor do I now, I suppose), but I would have never guessed they were handmade. Pretty cool.

Fast forward a few years; my wife and I like watching a show on Bravo called Project Runway. Imagine my surprise when I recognize my friend John on the TV. So, here I am pointing and mumbling for my wife to check it out, and she confirms I am not going crazy. It was him.

Sad thing was that he seemed a little too honest and shared that he took only eight hours on a dress (they were given a week). I liked what he said in defense of taking eight hours..."sometimes it doesn't take a week." For the record, without kissing up, we actually liked his dress better than several others; we were sad when he was voted off.

Anyway, that was probably my first episode of..."I knew him back when he was..."


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