Monday, December 19, 2005

So Long

Hey all,
sorry there has been no new post for several days. It has been a little busy with family and Christmas things.

This is the quick version of what happened. Friday, my beautiful wife and I went Victor Valley College for a Christmas concert. It had four different symphony style bands. A flute band, a Jazz band, a symphony with kids, and the symphony orchestra. It was a really good concert, and we got to sing along with the orchestra on some Christmas songs.

Saturday we went with my beautiful wife's parents down to celebrate Channukah with her mom's side of the family. It was a really good time of food, fun and fellowship. The latkes and brisket were, as always, good. Me likey.

Sunday, we did not do a whole lot during the day, but spent some game time with my mom and brother. It was fun, plus we got to try out our new fondue pot...mmmm.

Today, more of nothing, just not too much time for computer entries. Went over and played some games with some friends. Pretty good weekend. Just a little busy.

More pressing issues will be discussed later. They can wait since there will always be something pressing to talk about.


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