Monday, December 19, 2005

Truth and Mormonism has started a short series on Mormonism Here was an interesting quote about truth claims.

"Any time you make a truth
claim, you mean something contrary to it is false. Truth excludes its opposite"
(Zacharias quoted in Lee Strobel, The
Case for Faith
, 150-151).

Now, I would be quick to also suggest that just because your opinion excludes certain things, does not mean it is the truth. We think it is, otherwise we would not share it with others in order to persuade/manipulate/etc... There is nothing wrong with thinking you are right; just be sure you have good reasons supporting it. Otherwise, do not be sad when folks are not impressed. It is just your opinion after all.

When we are convinced something is true, like the quote suggests, we are saying that its opposite is not true. Or, in non PC terms, that it is WRONG.

Remember there is always the possibility that we could be wrong about certain things. That is ok. If you are seeking truth, it can be a good thing for someone to convince us of something not being true. It helps us get more truth. Christians do not need to be afraid of someone who disagrees with us. There are compelling reasons to believe in Christianity. If you think it is simply a blind leap of faith, then I will suggest you are simply mistaken.

My faith may be simple, but I am convinced of its truthfullness. I don't believe in Christianity because it makes me feel better (honestly, there are many times that it doesn't-Christianity would NOT be my first choice for a homemade religion). I believe it really is true.

"Just because it is possible that we are mistaken does not mean it is reasonable to think we are mistaken." Greg Koukl (paraphrase)


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