Thursday, February 23, 2006

New Job

Well, I have to update you all on a new job opportunity that I am currently participating in. My top three jobs are as follows:

3. The Science guy gig-I got to do experiments all day (and get paid for it)
2. Long term sub position.
1. My own classroom.

Well, I am moving up the list. Last week was my last week as the science guy. I was offered by the principal of the school I was doing the science thing to take a second grade class for the remainder of the year. Yeah, it took all of 3 seconds to say make my decision, but I waited till I talked to Tracy to tell the pricipal.

I started Tuesday with the kids. They are a good group and the experience should be a good one, leading to my number one pick, I hope. But this is next best-same kids every day. I like that better.

That all said, I will have to cut down on my original 5 or 6 posts a week to what has been happening the last few weeks, 2 to 3 posts a week while I focus on making my classroom the best I can. Keep checking back and I will periodically email a reminder to check the site.

Thanks for reading,


Christy Ellis said...

This is marvelous!!! Congrats on moving up the job list to your ideal! We're really happy for you and Tracy. God bless you guys!

Russ said...

Hey Derrick. Say, after school look down the street to the south. If you see a white Dodge truck in the driveway, stop by and have a soda or java with this old man! After all, you and I share a taste for coffee that is prepared in a manner that resembles the La Brea Tar Pits.

jaxmudder said...

Couldn't be happier about the rest of the school year...and the hopes that a permanent position may grow from this....BUT, I have to say that I am sad to lose my very favorite substitute teacher. My students cheered when they knew you were coming to spend the day with them...and I will be hard pressed to find anyone quite like Mr Bright. Congratulations my friend...don't be a stranger!
Love to you and Tracy,
Shellie (aka Mrs. Garlick)

Derrick Bright said...

Thanks all for your support and encouragement. We are happy about this opportunity and we pray that I don't end up saying or doing something dumb :-) that would cause problems.

Because I've never said or done anything that would be reason for regret. OK, that's a lie. But I don't want to do that. It's kind of like Paul I do what I don't want to and I don't do what I know I ought.


mom said...

Great job Derrick! I'm very happy for you. It's great knowing others are seeing the quality teacher and person that you are. I can't wait to hear that you have a full time permanent postion! God Bless you and Tracy and I'm so proud of you! Love, your mom