Sunday, February 19, 2006

On Vacation

Well, It has been a while since I posted. A few days anyway. I wanted to give you an update.

A few weeks ago, my beautiful wife and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary. Like usual, we didn't do anything on the actual day-she has school in the evening. However, last weekend we had reserved a room at Buffalo Bills in Primm, NV (Stateline).

We spent a few days there, as well as going into Las Vegas to see a magic show. We went and saw a magician named Rick Thomas. Now, in addition to the superloud music and the sometimes forced (sometimes awkward) dancing by the sometimes scantily clad women, the show was real good.

Neither of us had gone to a live magic show, and it was just a fun time. The illusions were really well done. Even

being that close, it was difficult to see "how" he did them. It was also a bargain at about $35 per person. This is pretty good for a Vegas show.

He also has some pretty tigers that he does a few tricks with, in addition to his tiger habitat at his home.

Anyway, all that to say that if you are in Vegas and you are looking for a decent live magic show that is good even for the kids (cover their eyes with some of the dancing), and is a pretty good price (during the week you can even get 2 for 1 price).

Of course, what is Vegas without some gambling. Tracy and I use our change jar money to go crazy on the penny slots. (We pick the machines most like a video game-except without the whole "having to be good at something" thing). We brought about $60 with the sole motive to have it last as long as possible before surrendering it to the casino.

Early on on our trip, we risked a little and went to the Nickel machines where my wife proceeded to win $200!! Ok, we've never done that well and are unlikely to that ever again. So, we set aside half to save and split the other hundred. (my wife is nice that way). We spent the next few days rationing out our time again in an effort to maximize the playing time before giving all the money back to the casino.

There was a Nascar race on that weekend, so I decided to give my father-in-law a call to see if he would like to make a bet as well as getting a clue...I mean tip on who might be good to "root" for. We both bet on the "field" (30 to 1 odds)which simply means anybody not good enough to be named, but are still racing.

Long story even longer: an "unknown" driver won, my wife and I won $150 and my father-in-law won $300. We only bet 5 and 10 bucks respectively. Not a bad weekend. Of course, even if we had not won, Tracy and I are hardcore gamblers. When our "change money" is gone, we're done playing. Pretty crazy idea, but it works for us. :-)

That is one reason there have not been many posts. The other reason will be explained later.



Russ said...

I have made two NASCAR bets in the last two years. It was due to Derrick calling me on race day that made the recent winnings possible. NASCAR as of late is like a litter of puppies. While the well known pups are fighting over who gets the puppy chow first, the quiet one is chomping away at it. Thus was the race that day. It was worth a small bet and it paid off. It was great to hear from Derrick from State Line and have fun with him.

Tracy said...

And is not often that a field be hits in Nascar. That was pretty neat.