Saturday, April 01, 2006

Back to School

I am so sad. Not only do I lose an hour of sleep, on Monday I have to go back to work after a two week vacation. The vacation was nice. We went to Reno one weekend and played in the snow. That was the first time I was in 18 degree weather and the first time I was pulled behind a snowmobile on an inner tube. Pretty fun aside from my face freezing off from the snow blowing up in my face.

The next weekend, we went down to Irvine/Buena Park. A no-too-close family member was singing with her church at Fudrucker's. Fudrucker's food was pretty good, but I did not enjoy the chaos while trying to order. It was fun cause we got to spend some time with my mom and siblings. We stayed the night in a hotel. It was one of my sis's and mom's birthday weekend.

The rest of the 2nd week was just spent on getting some long lost chore/projects around the house completed.

It will be good getting back to the classroom; it is always nice to try some new ideas out in the classroom. Every day is a new challenge. I do enjoy it on most days. :-)

Welp, gotta go,


Russ said...

I had one week off. the students responded last Monday as if only one week were a cruel joke.Two weeks would have better served the staff and students before the race to the finish at the end of May.
I did have a wonderful event happen though. My terrarium/aquarium had but the smallest of science experiments in it. This 70 gallon tank has been a nursery for a tadpole for the longest time. Alas, legs! I am the proud surrogate father of a frog.
On a more serious note, it may be interesting to exchange ideas about a church situation. I work with a "deaconess" at The Burning Bush Baptist Church in Victorville. As of late, the message has been quite astounding.


Tracy said...

I too, am a bit sad to be returning to work. However, I feel rested, which is important for my students as well as myself. I am grateful for the breaks that we get while working in the schools. The end of the school year will probably come very quickly.