Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Quote of the Day

"Nothing is said that has not been said before." Terence

Much like nothing is new under the sun by Solomon in Eccleciastes? Or should I say...nuff sedd.



Russ said...

John 8:12..... How's that for the shortest posting ever from Russ!

Tracy said...

Do you think that quote is really true? So, I can never say anything that has never been said before? I am not sure that I completely buy that. I think this is probably true for a big majority of the time. Interesting thought, though.

Russ said...

Actually, quoting scripture defines more realism as time goes by. Even as early as the 1920's, women were seen as Floozies for wearing makeup. My grandmother wore makeup, carried a sidearm, and wore pants. She took care of her family during the depression. Her take was to work hard, take no crap, and keep her family first. She did just that. Bonnie and Clyde had nothing on her. She made sure that her family kept their farm in Kansas. She was right. The bank was wrong. I follow that lead and believe in her. She was indeed an awesome lady.
More to follow... No need to apply a response. You had to be there. I heard it first hand..