Thursday, April 27, 2006

Public Homosexuality/Public Criticism

The previous "discussion" reminded me about something. A while ago on STR a topic came up that had to do with homosexuality and why Christians are making such a big deal about this sin and not others.

Greg's response was that 20 years ago, this was not as much a public issue as it is nowadays. Christians are responding publically to this sin, in large part, because it has not stayed, and dare I say cannot stay, in the bedroom.

The issues associated with homosexual sex have brought to the forefront: AIDS, various STDs, condoms, domestic partnership, same-sex marriage, anti-discrimination lawsuits to name a few.

Folks, these were not issues, in the past, like they are today. Homosexuals have made public proclamations about their lifestyles , they have parades parading around and flaunting their "wares". So, following in like suit, Christians have made more of a public stand against what they consider a destructive, perverse, and sinful lifestyle.

So, it seems the main reason Christians are now so vocal against same-sex marriage, et that that the gay gauntlet, as it were was thrown into the public arena.

At least that is the way I see it. Comments, anyone?


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