Monday, January 05, 2009

Political: Questions About Obama's Moral Fiber

Trouble in Paradise?

The Obama presidency isn't officially underway, but questions about the administration's moral fiber certainly are. After a brief interlude as the Secretary of Commerce nominee, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson (D) withdrew his name after questions arose about business deals with the state of New Mexico. Richardson's embarrassing exit only expands the cloud over the Obama administration, which faced its first serious test after Gov. Rod Blagojevich's seat-selling scandal in Illinois. The White House transition has given Americans some pause over the next President's vetting process for key leaders.

If the administration won't fully scrutinize the nation's new leaders, FRC will. Please visit for the latest edition of "Change Watch," featuring Homeland Security's new boss and former Arizona governor Janet Napolitano (D).

---Not that this is all surprising, sadly, since Pres.-Elect Obama's moral fiber has been questioned by many during the last two years of his campaign.

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