Friday, May 22, 2009

Obama's Abortion, I mean Commencement Speech

What place does a talk on abortion have at a graduation speech? Obama spoke on Sun. to a crowd of graduating students at Notre Dame. Some protesters protested outside sometimes causing a disturbance, with some arrests.

But Obama called for "open hearts, open minds, fair-minded words" in the midst of such persistent debates.

He said the issue of abortion stands as the single greatest example of a controversy that tests Americans' ability to respectfully seek common ground.

He said the views of the two sides of the debate are "irreconcilable" but can be honored.

Is common ground possible? I think on the surface, it is sometimes possible. Many people say they are "persoanally against abortion". Of course, this "moderate pro-choice view often is followed with, "but I think women should be allowed to have them. This seems to be Pres. Obama's view, also.

The main propblem with this view is the primary question, "What Is the Unborn?" If the unborn is not an innocent human being, why should we limit or reduce or be against abortion? Have one! Everybody now!

IF the unborn is human, should we be allowed to kill the unborn for the reasons often given for abortion? The moderate pro-choice seems to be this if the unborn is human: "I am personally against abortion because it takes the life of an innocent human being, and women should be allowed to do it."

As Greg Koukl and Scott Klusendorf often say, If the unborn is not human, no justification for abortion is necessary; but if the unborn is human, no justification for abortion is adequate.

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