Saturday, August 15, 2009

To kiss or not to kiss

Such a simple thing a kiss, or is it? In today's society a kiss holds almost no value, but why? A kiss used to be something treasured even more than wealth. You may recall that in the old fairy tales where a kiss was something so prized that it was fought over in tournaments. So why has our 21st century world placed so little value on something that used to be so precious?

According to the actual definition, a kiss is technically sex -- this is why several STDs can be given orally. But regardless, by the 7th grade nearly everyone has already shared a kiss with someone of the opposite gender. I believe a kiss should be something special, a gift meant to be given to your spouse on your wedding day.

Why is this so often considered an "unrealistic ideal"? Imagine this... say you walk into a room full of people who are already married. Would you ever consider kissing any of them? No, because they all have spouses that they are to remain true and pure for. Then why are we so careless with ourselves around people who are not "married"? In my eyes everyone is already married, they just have yet to meet their spouses.

In a similar way you could relate this situation to our relationship with Jesus Christ. Does He not want all of us? To be unreservedly His? And to never give even the slightest bit of ourselves to other gods? A kiss is a piece of our purity, a piece of our body that ought to remain a special gift to our one and only.


Derrick said...

You have some interesting thoughts here. While I don't know about equating kissing with sex, I think your idea of placing a higher value on it than we do today is great.

I also liked your illustration about kissing the married folks in the room. Quite thought provoking.

Thank you for posting. Welcome aboard.

Kwame E. said...

So "Bright's Ideas" has not been abandoned after all. I had been wondering....

D.B. said...

No, not abandoned. Just neglected. :-)