Monday, January 25, 2010


Our culture is riddled with icons and logos, but most don't realize what they are advertising on their t-shirts. "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6) So, I would like to bring to your attention some "common symbols" and what they really mean...

#1. The Peace Sign

The peace sign started becoming really popular in the 60's and has been associated with the whole "peace movement" but let's not for get the "wonderful" catch phrase of the era "sex, drugs, and rock and roll." Let's look at a peace singe a little bit closer...

A peace sign is a cross with the arms broken off! This symbol represents that Christ died in vain. Some symbol to be wearing on your t-shirt to youth-group.

#2. The Yin Yang.

The yin yang is a popular eastern symbol. Notice that the black and white "fish" are the same size and they each have a spot in their core. White naturally represents good while black represents evil. The sign therefore means that good (God) and evil (Satan) are equally matched and are circling each other for all eternity, neither will ever win, nor will either ever loose; there is a little bit of evil in everything good and there is a little bit of good in everything evil. So, how do you like them onions?

#3. The Triskelion.

This symbol looks similar to a triple yin yang and is almost as popular in jewelry as the peace sign. This symbol is one of the more frightening because if you learn to look for it, the triskelion can be found almost everywhere. This symbol is the sign of the Beast; it is three 6's circling each other.

These were the three main images that I wanted to touch on because it really does aggravate me when I go to church and I see the youth covered in these Satanic signs. There are countless others that I could go over: the crescent moon and palm tree (Islamic icons), the rock on hand sign, the swastika. snakes in skulls, and pentagrams being just a couple. So, please, my bothers and sisters, if you want to "wear" your faith, don't wear these symbols no matter how difficult!


Kwame E. said...

Hi. Could you please provide documentation for the claim that the peace sign either began as or is a representation of the Cross with arms broken off?


In any case, the average person using the peace sign today knows nothing of the idea that it represents the cross. Consequently, to say that the peace sign now represents the cross would be analogous to saying that the word "meat" (as in the KJV rendering of Genesis 1:29-30) still means food since it orginally had that meaning and changed only recently in the history of the English language. I'm sure we can grant some leeway to neo-hippies or the like with regard to the peace sign. :)

Christine Ericson said...

No problem. I found this really good site here:

Either way, whatever the meaning people attach to a symbol, all one has to do is look at it at a distance and understand that Satan is the prince of this earth and he puts his hands on everything.

Kwame E. said...

Wikipedia offers a completely different history of the peace sign, so that's why I ask.

Based on the rest of the content at the website, I would definitely take their information with a grain of salt.

Kwame E. said...

<<Based on the rest of the content at the website, I would definitely take their information with a grain of salt.>>

"Their" meaning, of course.

D.B. said...

I'm gonna have to agree with Kwame, in that I think most folks don't wear it because it is an upside down cross. It reminds me a little of some Christian's objections against certain Christmas items. Or even Christmas.

Christmas was borrowed from the pagan celebration and "redeemed" for good by the Christians, then secular folks borrrowed for a more secular celebration of Santa and trees...Neither of which have anything to do with the original meaning.

I think it can be helpful to think more clearly about what you wear, as well as why you might wear certain things.

Definately be careful with some of the info on For example, it is highly improbable that George W. Bush had anything to do with 9/11. Grain of salt is good.

For some real clear thinking, you can't go wrong with Stand to Reason (

Christine Ericson said...

I cannot disagree, I just feel very strongly that Christian need to wake-up just a little bit and stop looking SO MUCH like the world.

Anonymous said...

Along with being careful about which sites a person gains information from, as D.B. says, D.B. says," The peace sign is a cross with the arms broken off." That is a quote, D.B. D.B., you cannot prove this. You would have made a good judge that burned witches in Salem.

D.B. said...

Where do I make the claim that it is an upside down cross?

Anonymous said...

you write it and then don't remember. I see where you and Kwame get along so well. You two gratify each other with this blog.. I will pray for you both.... I also will no longer visit this blog, as it is against scripture in it's writings.

D.B. said...

Prayer is always nice. 1) I never, on this blog, made the claim you think I did.

2) So what, if I forget certain things; that is how life sometimes works. I am not sure what that proves. I don't think it is unreasonable to need a reminder. I don't always remember what I was supposed to get at the store, that is why I make a list. If I lose the list, I sometimes need a reminder. So what?

3)Saying the blog is against Scripture is one thing. To make an argument is quite another. You may be correct, but simply saying it is doesn't mean you've made an argument. In addition, that is such a broad generalization that it borders on silly.

You may think individual posts are against Scripture (you've offered no counter argument to discuss this), but asserting the blog as a whole is against Scripture without ANY examples is laughable. Feel free to return when you are willing to discuss the specifics.

God bless,

Kwame E. said...

Anon wrote:

<<you write it and then don't remember. I see where you and Kwame get along so well. You two gratify each other with this blog.. I will pray for you both.... I also will no longer visit this blog, as it is against scripture in it's writings.>>

1. Sad to see that you apparently continue to fail to give people the benefit of the doubt. See the comment I just left at

Likewise, for some reason when some anonymous poster noticeably and repeatedly gives a "Good blog!" sort of comment you underestimate the intelligence of D.B. in addition to being unduly distrustful--in other words, if you're smart enough to question whether someone would praise himself with his own blog (!) by means of another identity, don't you think that Derrick, who is no less intelligent than you, would *also* be smart enough to realize that other people would be suspicious of this? Why would anyone knowingly make people suspicious of him or her? This is not likely behavior on the part of anyone, especially considering the theory Derrick raised concerning the identity of the Anonymous praiser. :)

2. Well, you know, I tend to stand up for people around me who are subjected to needless and senseless accusations and such. It's a weakness that I have, and it is also one which, sure enough, tends to cause people to get along. Works much better than caustic remarks and sarcasm.

Christine Ericson said...

Wow, beautiful arguments, Derrick and Kwame. As my father always says, it falls upon the accuser to back up his claims. I don't pretend to be brilliant or wise, but I will pursue being the best example for Christ that I can in not only my views, but in my arguments also. So thank-you for your inspiration.