Friday, March 05, 2010

The Afterlife of Churches

Different things happen to former churches and places of worship once congregants decide to turn coats or move elsewhere. For example, in his semi-autobiography Malcolm X speaks of a church that was converted to a mosque after the people there became Black Muslims.

Such is an undignified end to a church building, even if at this point someone should insist on making the observation that the word “church” never refers to buildings in the pages of the New Testament. Yet this is not the only peculiar fate which can await a church building. Notice the following in Google Maps’ Street View:

Rancho Motor Co.

This used to seat Victor Valley Church of Christ before they moved to a warehouse and then finally to another part of the city of Victorville. Here is another one:


This used to be a nightclub. However, it has been in the news recently since Grimaldi’s (yes, that Grimaldi’s) is planning on setting up a pizzeria inside, with another new shop coming to the Financial District on John St. Finally, one more:

Alanson Methodist Episcopal Church

This is now a synagogue.

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