Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Apologetics 315 Bonus Links

Every week, Apologetics 315 posts a couple dozen links to great apologetics resources. Here is a list of the topics this week. If you click here, you can go to their blog and click the links to these items.

Here are this week's recommended apologetics links. Enjoy.
• The ESV MacArthur Study Bible: Available for Pre-Order
• Unbelievable Unbelief - What will it take for you to believe?
• Sproul & Meyer Discuss Intelligent Design (video)
• Scientific Confirmation for the Beginning of the Universe
• Video of the Debate With Sean McDowell and James Corbett
• Sean McDowell's Reflections on his Recent Debate
• Monkey Morality - Commentary on Sean McDowell's debate
• Resource: Responses to JW's "Should You Believe in the Trinity?"
• Atheists' Non-belief Video by Greg Koukl
• Paul Copan's Essay "Are Old Testament Laws Evil?"
• Have you gotten William Lane Craig's New Book?
• Two Free Audiobook Downloads: Dietrich Bonhoeffer & John Piper
• Extraordinary Claim, Extraordinary Evidence?
• New Paper Critiquing Dawkins' New Atheism Published in 'Think'
• On Guard: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision: Book Website
• Ten resources to help you talk to non-Christians about the resurrection


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