Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Intermission; or the Life and Times of Dr. Yakub

Much too busy to continue with prior themes or topics right now. Instead, some possible comic relief from the hustle and bustle and stresses and cares of everyday life:

Yakub (Nation of Islam) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


D.B. said...

That is pretty freaky. A scientist who made white people.Or shall we say, "the race of devils".

Kwame E. said...

I remember Malcolm X’s talking about this story in his semi-autobiography as I read it back in high school; I have no idea why it came to mind the other day.

Another interesting facet of NOI mythology is that which Louis X (later “Louis Farrakhan”) relates in the song “White Man Heaven is Black Man Hell.” Originally released on 45 rpm vinyl, if memory serves, the story informs us of the ministry of the prophet Moses to the European people; back then, these people were nothing more than a race of blue-eyed barbarians or savages, though they were also a race that was blessed when Moses went and personally delivered to them the Law.

Anyway, I find it hard to understand why none of these things are mentioned in courses on comparative religion, whether in college or in Sunday School. Your instructors always tell you about what the OT Jews, JWs, Mormons, or mainstream Christians, or mainstream Muslims believe, but they never quite manage to tell you about all the interesting stuff. But then again, no one ever thinks about the fact that the Nation of Islam (ironically?) was grown and maintained by a bunch of light-skinned folks either (WD Fard, Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Calypso Louie). Some things in life just go unnoticed.

D.B. said...

Or maybe they don't want to lend any credability to it by acknowledging it. Since the professors would not be able to mention how silly some of it would be in the spirit of tolerance and everyone's right...