Saturday, March 08, 2014

Caner Should Repent

The list of charges and/or evidence is much greater than what was posted at Wikipedia when I last looked.  In fact, the Wikipedia article was so woefully lacking that it might help to account for the claim that so-and-so has examined the evidence against Ergun Caner and found him not to be guilty of wrongdoing, hence their continued support of this man.

Remember: all the hounding is done not to destroy someone and then to leave him there in the dust.  This is done in hopes of repentance and godly behavior and it is done with a knowledge of what happens to a neighborhood when you don’t fix broken windows and remove graffiti.  This last analogy and figure of speech (it is off the cuff really) may or may not be fitting, but we all know and can appreciate that nobody wants a world where pathological lying is acceptable and evangelistic efforts are tarnished when people say, “Christians are liars, as much as infidels.”

Consider Turretin’s post not to be the be-all and end-all of the matter though.  I have merely skimmed through it so far and it looks like it is not as tight as it could be (which is not to say that the article is of low quality).

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