Saturday, March 15, 2014

Vestiges and Ergun Caner's False Apology (A Two-fer)

But wait: Caner has already apologized for each of the specific wrongs that he has said to have done, right?  Not so fast: Caner’s Apology, the Pope and Word-Faithers, Shawn McCraney, and A Bit of WLC | Alpha and Omega Ministries

Not everything goes down the memory hole very easily.  Even in modern American government and in liberal NYC one can find vestiges of Judeo-Christian influence of Western society.  For anyone who wanted to look at pictures today, here you go--straight out of Brooklyn:

The public record and the ability of things to slip through the cracks in spite of a purge are why, of course, liars and desperate people resort to obfuscation.

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